Monday, January 25, 2010


Pepato in Greenbelt 2 is one of the places I remember eating at when I was last in Manila two years ago. I was eager to go back and test the consistency of the food. It's just as great as I remember it. It's Italian cuisine with a Filipino background.

Amuse Bouche
Chicharon with whipped parmesan butter and adobo flakes.

Bread Sticks

Bread Bowl

Buffalo Mozzarella
On a Squid Crostone with Yellow Peppers and Anchovies. A great start!

Caesar Salad

Veal Loin Cannelloni
This is the dish that I remember loving two years ago. It's no longer on the menu, but we asked if they could make it. It's still so good! I love the delicate cream sauce and the fresh-tasting pasta.

Spaghetti Pepato
Finished in the Parmesan Wheel. Cool!

Baked Trotters
The winner of the meal. This order was so awesome! It's basically Crispy Pata. Yum!

The Sauces
A soy-vinegar sauce and a less-sweet lechon sauce.

We enjoyed every bite of the meat and skin down to the bone. Delicious.

Palate Cleanser
A generous scoop of mango sorbet.

The meringue was nicely baked and not too sweet.

Chocolate Cake with Parmesan Ice Cream. The ice cream was not too sweet, and that was a nice balance to the rich chocolate cake.

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