Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New Year's Brunch

We went out to brunch to celebrate the New Year and my brother's birthday. I've been curious about Kerry Simon's surf and turf tacos. Unfortunately, it's not on their brunch menu, but their brunch menu looked good so we tried it out.
The Inside
It's by the pool, so the windows are from floor to ceiling.

The Bar
Complete with a Bloody Mary Bar. They make the basic mix, then you get to add your spices and condiments.
The guy on the left is a waiter. Their brunch is themed, Pajama Brunch.

The Menu

Fluffy and generous!

French Toast
Brioche crusted with frosted flakes

Waffles and Chicken
The chicken was a tasty chicken tender. The waffles could have been better in terms of taste and crisp.

BBQ Ribs
Tasty little slap with a nice jalapeno corn muffin.

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