Monday, January 25, 2010

Coffee Break

For a quick lunch, I tried UCC Vienna Cafe in Greenbelt 5. They have a great cup of Sumiyaki coffee. This time I tried their lunch deal - a 3 course meal with a drink for 449 pesos (less that $10). Thinking back on the meal, I think it was kinda pricey for what I got and for what I can get at another restaurant around Greenbelt. If you eat here, you're better off ordering a la carte.
Fresh Brewed Coffee

Iced Tea

Curry Soup
A pretty good cup of soup. The curry was the Japanese curry mix.

Garlic Seafood Pasta
Lots of bits of seafood and mushrooms.

Toblerone Mousse Cake
A very small slice for dessert. There were Toblerone chunks inside. The mousse was a on the gummy side than on the light fluffy side.

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