Monday, January 25, 2010

Another Round at People's Palace

I love restaurants where you can go to again and order something completely different from the first visit. We did just that at People's Palace.
The Pairing
Riesling, Casa Nuestra, Napa Valley, 2008
We brought this wine from our collection and just paid a little corkage fee. Riesling goes so well with Thai food.

Crispy Squid
with Tamarind Relish. Nicely fried calamaris. A great plate to start the meal!

The warmth of the fishcakes was comforting. Another great starter.

Papaya Salad
A refreshing salad with fresh ingredients. A nice balance after the fried starters.

Kapi Fried Rice
This normally comes deconstructed, but we asked for them to mix it already. The plate was really generous, but it was so good we managed to finish it.

Whole Lapu Lapu
Crispy fried. I love whole fried fish, and this did not disappoint.

Sticky Rice
With ripe mangoes and coconut cream. I found the coconut cream to be a bit too sweet, but the dish was still a nice end to the meal. I love the sweetness of the mangoes.

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guam foodie said...

ugh every time i read one of these posts i want to go there...haha