Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Filipino Dessert

I love Filipino desserts! They can be so refreshing, and they are so different from other cuisines. After dinner, we went to Via Mare in Greenbelt 3. This is a place that you have to go to repeatedly. There is so much to order that you can't have it all in one sitting (at least I can't).
The Menu

I love this order because of the size and variety of the shakes. With these portions, the dessert isn't overwhelming to finish.

Guinomis Shooter
Gelatin Shake with tapioca, gelatin, milk, and shaved ice.

Mais Con Hielo Shooter
Corn, Milk, and Shaved Ice. It could have used some sugar because the dessert tasted more savory than sweet.

Halo Halo Shooter
A classic Filipino dessert. A mix of sweet beans, fruits, milk, and shaved ice.

My dad's order of the full size dessert.

Puto Bumbong
Steamed glutinous rice formed in a bamboo cylinder. With molasses sugar and shredded coconut and topped with butter. The texture is like the stickiness of mochi. I love this dessert because of its warmth and textures. Yum!

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