Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Always Leave Room for Dessert!

With almost every dinner that we've had at home this past week, my mom has also baked some delicious desserts to end the meal.

Chocolate Torte
Light and crisp merigue-like top with a nice dark chocolate inside. It's made with almonds so that adds to the lightness.

Chocolate Cake
This cake is one of my earliest memories of my mom's baking. I looked forward to birthdays so she could make this cake for my brothers and me. It's so fluffy and moist. The inner icing is toffee flavored. Mmm!

Coffee Crunch Cake
Another favorite from childhood. The chiffon cake is so fluffy, and the honeycomb crunch is light and crispy with a great coffee taste.

Leche Flan
My mom's perfected recipe! The caramel is dark enough so it has a slight burnt taste to give the caramel more depth. The custard is so light and amazingly creamy.

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