Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Eating In

I'm taking a break from eating meat because there is so much good, fresh seafood here. There are so many varieties of fishes, shrimps, etc. Mmm! With all these great ingredients at the market, my mom has been cooking some great meals at home.

Fruits of Late

40 pesos per piece! That's less than a dollar per papaya.

Bangkok variety. This is my first time eating this fruit. It's delicious!

Home Cooking
Sauteed Vegetables
Eggplant with long green beans.

Sauteed White Shrimps
With Chilis. Look at the color of the shrimps! The natural oils from cooking the shrimp made the dish beautifully orange.

Adobong Pusit
Squid sauteed in its own ink.

I love this meal over rice.

With Prawns, Eggplant, and Taro. The prawns were a large size, and the head was filled with deliciousness.

To add that sinigang-sour taste to the broth, my mom used fresh kamias (bilimbi) picked from my grandmother's tree.

Fish Soup
Made with Lapu Lapu, Malungay leaves, Mushrooms, and Chilis

Fresh Soft Tofu

Fish Soup Plated

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