Thursday, February 11, 2010

More and More Plane Food

The first trip of the year was pretty exciting. The food was pretty fun with all the courses. I gotta admit that by the time the trip was almost over, I wasn't looking forward to the food because it starts to be all the same: seafood, meat, or pasta. Then again, it is nice to have meals even on short flights. That's a change from U.S. short haul flights. Note: All flights were taken on Cathay Pacific.

Manila to Hong Kong
Orange Juice
The drink before take off. We took a mid-morning flight and I didn't have breakfast yet, so this was refreshing.

A standard for the tray.

Bread and Butter
I normally don't ask for bread because it's dry. Yeah, it was dry.

The Wine Pairing
Bodegas Alto Almanzora Este 2007. Not really a great tasting Spanish red. I can't wait for Cathay to put in new wines.

Braised Beef
With shallot red wine sauce, parsley potatoes, and roasted vegetables.

Apricot Frangipane Almond Tart
Like the bread, the dessert is also dry and tough.

Hong Kong to Shanghai
The Bread
I was going to say no to the bread, but the smell of the garlic bread was irresistible.

Loch Fyne Salmon
With marinated prawns and corn salsa

Stir-Fried Noodles
With roasted duck julienne and choy sum. Pretty decent because of the duck and the egg noodles.

Ice Cream
Haagen Daz Cookies and Chocolate

Shanghai Lounge
Dumpling Soup
A nice small bowl of soup before the flight. We also got some dim sum, but I guess I was too eager to eat it that I forgot to take pictures.

Shanghai to Hong Kong
Pacific Sunrise
Champagne and Drambuie with lemon zest

Smoked Salmon
With creme fraiche, salmon roe, and asparagus. The creme fraiche was a nice touch.

Braised Duck with Taro
With steamed rice and vegetables. This was ok, it felt too steamed and overcooked, as tradition plane food can tend to be.

Hong Kong to Manila
Cathay Delight
Kiwifruit with coconut juice and topped with a fresh mint. Nice and refreshing.


Sauteed Prawns
In Kung Po sauce with steamed rice and mixed vegetables. The sauce was too sweet for my palate.

Baileys Cream Chocolate Cake
With raspberry compote. Another dry dessert, but the sauce saved the dessert.

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