Monday, February 15, 2010

Hong Kong, Like a Local

Hong Kong has turned into one of my favorite cities in the world. After this past trip, I can totally see myself living there. The transportation system is so convenient and so easy. And most important, the eating is incredible!
(I took so many food shots that I'm breaking down my Hong Kong trip into a few blog entries.)

Hong Kong is even more exciting for me because my best friend lives there. So that means I get a local's perspective of the city and the city's eats. For one dinner, I was taken to Causeway Bay where the streets are filled with people and food.
Outside the Restaurant
This is where the food is made - on outdoor stoves in claypots.

Cooked in Chicken Oil

Frogs Over Rice
There's soy sauce on the tables. So as soon as your claypot is brought to your table, you pour some soy sauce all over then let the bowl sit for a minute. Then you mix up the bowl and eat! Towards the end, the rice caramelizes on the bottom of the pot so you get to enjoy the delicious toasted rice. Yum!

Chinese Sausage Over Rice

Streets of Causeway Bay
The streets of Causeway Bay are filled with stores and eateries. Here are some pictures of local street food eats.
Meats, seafood, and whatever else on sticks. Classic street food choices.

Seafood Sausages
With flavors like squid, shrimp, etc.

Hokkaido Rice Pizza
Instead of dough, it's rice! I definitely want to try this place next time.

Local Grocery Shopping
Some local grocery stores are situated in shopping malls, much like in Tokyo. This particular grocery is in Admiralty in the Pacific Place building. It's downstairs below Seibu. Here are a few highlights:
Inaniwa Udon Noodles
These noodles are spreading all over Hong Kong and Asia. They are light and tasty with a great udon chew. Buy them if you have the chance!

The deli section had a nice selection of Spanish Jamon. They even had a pata negra! (Also known as Jamon Iberico, the more expensive of the jamon varieties)

There were different varieties, colors, and shapes! Mmm!

Japanese Red Bean Cakes. It was so fun watching the lady make this. It smelled so delicious!

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