Monday, February 15, 2010

Hong Kong - Dim Sum!

You have to eat dim sum if you're in Hong Kong. And so we did just that. Three times in four days. Some of the best dim sum is definitely in Hong Kong.

Majesty Seafood Restaurant, Central, Hong Kong
For our first lunch, my best friend took my parents and me to this restaurant in Central. We had a late lunch at 4pm, so it was like dim sum happy hour.
(Located on the 3rd floor of the Regent Centre building on 88 Queen's Road.)
Black Vinegar & Fungus & Preserved Egg
Don't let the literal English translation scare you. This was a great starter. The century egg was tasty and the mushrooms were nice and crisp.

Deep-Fried Glutinous Squid Tendrils
This was a fun plate to snack on. The batter was tasty.

Deep Fried Minced Pork Glutinous-Rice Dumplings
Each bite was a delicious explosion into crispy, flakiness, and then you hit the light mochi surroundings, and then the pork filling! Yum!

Steamed Chicken Feet with Soy Bean
Tasty chicken feet with a sauce that wasn't overwhelming.

Steamed Shanghai Pork Dumpling
Nice and hot.

Steamed Shrimp Dumpling
Another good dumpling with fresh tasting ingredients and a thin wrapper.

Steamed Pork Ball with Shrimp

Steamed Pork Ribs
Steaming hot and garlicky.

Pork Wrapped in Tofu Skin Rolls in Soup
Delicious and comforting.

Steamed Egg Yolk Buns
Slightly sweetened egg yolk. The bun was nice and fluffy. Mm!

Preserved Dates Pudding
Delicious! The texture was kind of like mochi.

Lei Garden, Central, Hong Kong
My Birthday Lunch! Another delicious place for dim sum! It's a different atmosphere from Majesty, and more expensive too. It's all so worth it. It's definitely one of the best birthday meals (outside of the house).
The Outside

The Inside

Xiao Long Bao
Another super tasty order of Shanghai soup dumplings. Yum!

Pork Dumplings with Fried Rice Paper
Look at that presentation!

Fried Taro
Super flaky and light! It was not overly oily at all. Delicious!

Vegetable Dumplings
Nice thin wrapper with fresh ingredients.

Roasted Goose
Soo good! The skin was thin, and there wasn't that layer of fat that is usually on roasted duck. The goose meat was more flavorful that duck. Mmm!

Asparagus and Lotus

Crispy Noodles with Seafood
Since it was my birthday, we had to order noodles. This was the best crispy noodles I've had in a Chinese restaurant. The noodles were thinner and crispier, and the sauce wasn't overwhelming with starch. So tasty!

Egg Custard
Look at that orange yolk color! The taste was delicious and the texture was even better. The crust was flaky and the custard was super smooth. Mmm! Happy Birthday, indeed.

Ye Shanghai, Kowloon
Before heading to the airport, we had one last dim sum meal at Ye Shanghai. In Hong Kong, this is our best find so far for xiao long bao.
The Outside

The Inside

The Tea

Peking Duck
The skin is incredibly thin! It's so crispy and delicious. The pancake is also nice and thin. A must order!

Peking Duck - The Second Way
Cooked with hoisin sauce and vegetables. We had leftover pancakes and ate it with them. Another delicious plate.

Xiao Long Bao
So good! Nice thin wrapper and a delicious broth.

Vegetable Dumpling

Fried Pork Dumpling

Steamed Pork Dumpling

Fried Turnip
They do their crusts really well. Nice and flaky.

Sticky Rice

Hidden Treasures Dessert
Glutinous Rice with 8 different "surprises". In each bite you can have a different flavor, such as red bean paste. And you can also top it with some sugar to give it a nice sweetness. Delicious!

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