Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Bangus (Milkfish), Two Ways

One of the local fishes here is bangus, or milkfish. It is also one of my favorite fishes because I love its stomach!
The Pairing
Albarino, Martin Codax, 2007
A nice Spanish white pairs nicely when seafood.

Grilled Bangus
The grilling made the bones nice and crispy, so from head to tail the whole fish was enjoyed, mm!

The Sauce
Chili-infused vinegar with diced onions.

Lumpiang Hubad
Translated as "naked lumpia." It's the vegetable filling of lumpia without the wrapper. Instead, we use romaine lettuce for a healthier take.

Bangus Bistek
Cooked in soy sauce and kalamansi juice with onions

Look at the Belly! Yum!

Bean Sprouts

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guam foodie said...

mmm bangus. my grandfather use to call it the bacon of the philippines when he use to fry it for breakfast. haha