Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hong Kong - Japanese!

One of the reasons I can live in Hong Kong is that it is a city filled with a great variety of international cuisines. The Japanese meals I had here were the best I've had in years (since my last trip to Tokyo in 2001). The quality, presentation, atmosphere, and authenticity of the food is incredible. Hong Kong's food scene surpasses the foodie cities in the states (and I love eating in NYC and SF). All this amazing eating makes me not miss the states at all. It actually makes me want to stay in Asia even longer.

Inaniwa Udon Nabe, Kowloon
Located in the new Elements mall. The menu is pretty extensive. This was our dinner on the first night we got in, so a bowl of udon was so comforting.
The Outside

The Inside

The Beer Pairing
This was the most refreshing beer I've had in a long time. The beer was super chilled and the ceramic cup was nicely chilled, as well.

Agedashi Tofu

Grilled Chicken Wings
Nicely grilled and seasoned chicken. Delicious!

This came with my order of udon. A nice coating of tempura, and the batter wasn't overwhelming or too oily.

Plain Udon
The broth was delicious and comforting, and the Inaniwa udon noodles were excellent! It has such a nice chew, and the thickness of the noodles make it so easy to eat.

Enoki Udon

This could possibly be the best sushi place I've ever eaten at. At first I saw that it was a sushi boat style restaurant. In the states, sushi boat restaurants don't provide the best quality of fishes. That was the complete opposite at this place! The quality was superb and the price was so reasonable. An order of toro is about $6, whereas in the states for the same quality that order would be at least double that.
The Outside

Tea at the Table
The tea powder and the hot water dispenser is right at your table. Cool!

The Beer Pairing
Sapporo. A classic Japanese beer that pairs so well with sushi.

The Sushi/Sashimi Selection
The selection that goes around is amazing! The prices range from 18-48HKD (just over $2-6). All the choices are so premium, too.


Crab Claw Sushi

Wagyu Beef Sushi

Look at that marbling!

We got at least 6 orders. It was soo delicious! It really does melt in your mouth.

Sea urchin - my favorite!

Hokkaido Uni
Nice intense orange color

Giant Clam

Sweet shrimp. The body is sweet, and the head is succulent. Tasty!

Smaller varieties, and even tastier and sweeter!

Wakayama, Central, Hong Kong
Another great Japanese restaurant that specializes in ramen.
The Outside

The Inside

The Beer Pairing

Fried Oysters
Freshly fried! It was hot and crispy when it came out. The oyster was nice and succulent.

Katsu Curry
Pork katsu with curry sauce. The katsu breading was just right, and the curry sauce wasn't overwhelming. Delicious!!

Sakura Ramen
Pork and shrimp. You have a choice of chicken or pork broth. We chose the pork broth, and it was tasty! The noodles were excellent! They were the best ramen noodles I've had so far. Mmm!

Ippei-an, Kowloon
Also located in the Elements mall. This restaurant specializes in yakitori (grilling).
The Beer Pairings
Asahi and Yebisu

Amuse Bouche
To start the meat, we were give a taste of beef innards - livers and kidneys. The seasoning and the flavors were tasty.

Tonkotsu Ramen
The tonkotsu broth was so creamy, milky, and tasty!


Shiso Peppers
Japanese peppers that aren't really that spicy. They are so delicious when they are grilled like this.

Shitake Mushrooms



Sweet Potatoes
The grilling brought out the sweetness of the potatoes. Mm!

Taro Wrapped in Bacon
This variety of taro was as crispy as a radish. It was a nice texture. The bacon provided the taste.

Quail Egg

Wasabi Chicken
What a kick from the wasabi! Yum!

Chicken Meatballs

Grilled Chicken Wings

Fried Rice
With bits of pork and clams.

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