Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunset at the Manila Bay

The Philippines has one of the world's most beautiful sunsets. I love going to the Sofitel to enjoy the sunset right by the Manila Bay.
After the sun sets, you can also enjoy a poolside buffet with a presentation of Filipino cultural dances.
These are pictures taken throughout the afternoon/evening:

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The Sunset BBQ
Watching the sunset at Sofitel and enjoying the Sunset BBQ is definitely an experience worth trying out.

The Buffet
The poolside buffet is not as extensive as the Spirals buffet inside the hotel. However, you still have a nice variety of foods to sample.

The Salad Station

The Soup Station
Potato Soup. The executive chef of the hotel comes from Germany. This potato soup was reflective of that - it was excellent! Creamy, but not heavy, and full of taste.

The Breads

The Grill Station
The highlight of the buffet is the grill station where the chefs grill the food right on the spot. There was a nice spread of meats and seafoods.

The Dessert Station
The dessert selection was also generous. They had a nice spread of standard desserts, as well as native desserts.

Bibingka and Puto Bumbong
These native desserts are made in these steamers. The bibingka is made on the left, while the puto bumbong is filled in the tubes on the right. Both were delicious and fresh tasting.

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