Tuesday, February 02, 2010


From the same owner as Pepato, comes Cibo Restaurant. There are several Cibo restaurants across Metro Manila. We went to the one in Greenbelt 5. The food is comforting and decently priced.

The Back of the Place Mat
For kids to color.

Instead of bread, they give homemade chips with a homemade mayonnaise dipping sauce. A nice light start! The chips are thinly cut and not overly fried.

The Pairing
A white wine to pair with the pizza and pastas. Light and refreshing.

Half with anchovies and half with squash blossoms. We requested to split the pizza with two sides of toppings. It was tasty, but at the same time it doesn't compete with Settebello or Pizzeria Delfina.

With mushrooms and a tomato cream sauce. Topped with goat cheese. The best dish of the night. A tasty plate!

Spaghetti alla Romana
The sauce could have had more olive oil, but other than that it was a pretty good pasta dish.

Chocolate Cake
A semi-flourless cake. Pretty good, but the chocolate could have had more depth.

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guam foodie said...

can you please freeze dry and send me penne al telefono from cibo. thank you. but seriously thanks for making me crave cibo at 9:45am