Sunday, February 21, 2010

Old Manila

For Valentine's Day my dad took his girls out (my mom and me) to the Old Manila restaurant in the Peninsula Hotel. It was an enjoyable experience and the service was excellent. At times it felt as through we were getting Michelin rated service. The only downside is that the bill at the end of the night was pretty steep. If it was an actual Michelin rated restaurant, then I'd be ready to pay that much. If you have a BPI Gold Card, you'll get a discount. Otherwise, expect a pricey evening.

The Inside
The grilling station is placed in the middle of the restaurant.

The Champagne
Peninsula Hotel Champage. We ordered a half bottle to start the night.

The Amuse Bouche
Lobster Terrine. Topped with Salmon Roe. On top of peaches.

The Bread
A variety of Bread Sticks, French Bread, Onion Croissants, Brioche, and Nut Bread.

Lobster Bisque
This was nicely presented with lobster bits and tomatoes on the plate. The soup itself was rich with the lobster and lobster roe taste. The soup came with a plate of three condiments: gruyere cheese, aioli, and croutons. The condiments on the side provided a fun way to interact with the dish.

Green Salad
The dish was beautifully presented with a toasted shortbread formed around the greens.

The Wine Pairing
Cabernet Sauvignon, Francis Coppola Director's Reserve, Napa Valley, 2000
This wine was excellent! It aged so nicely!
(We brought our own bottle of wine from our collection to enjoy. Bringing our own bottle also came with a steep corkage fee.)

Roasted Duck Breast
With a fried duck leg confit. This was a delicious order! The duck breast was tender and tasty. The fried confit was like a fried sausage - mm!

Turbot with a Saffron and Chive Souffle

Grand Marnier Souffle
With Orange Ice Cream

Chocolate and Praline Souffle
With Espresso Ice Cream. The souffle was a bit overcooked and on the dry side. The chocolate flavor overpowered the praline taste. The winner of this plate was the espresso ice cream, which was strong and full of flavor.

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