Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hong Kong - Desserts!

Dessert restaurants are so common in Hong Kong. They go beyond the dessert places that you'd find in the states - typical ice cream, yogurt, cakes, cupcakes, pastries, etc. Plus, they are so light and guilt-free that it's ok to indulge in dessert after eating a meal.

Fuel Espresso, Hong Kong
After a hearty dim sum lunch, we stopped at this coffee place for espresso and brownies. It's a nice stop for a strong coffee.

The Brownie
Nice and light, while staying on the cake-y side. The chocolate taste was dark and intense.

Lucky Dessert, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
This was a great dessert place! They serve many varieties with fruit-filled flavors.

Durian Shaved Ice
The durian taste was so smooth and creamy! The red bean and mochi on the side paired nicely, too. Delicious!

Honeymoon Dessert, Hong Kong
There are several locations all around. The menu has so many options that we went to the IFC branch twice. The cold or hot soups are so refreshing and comforting. A perfect way to end a meal.
The Inside

Toddy Palm Sago
Hot coconut soup with tapioca and toddy palm.

Fruits in Coconut Soup
A cold bowl of coconut soup with fresh fruits.

Mango Soup with Sago and Tofu
A cold bowl of refreshing mango soup, fresh mango bits, tapioca, and fresh tofu.

Red Bean and Sesame Soup with Mochi Balls
A hot bowl that warmed my stomach right up. Mm!

Inside the Mochi
The mochi was stuffed with a sweet sesame paste. Tasty!


TT said...

Who's the Chinese lady in the picture at Honeymoon Dessert?


Alvin said...

Awesome... awesome desserts!!! That durian shaved ice was beyond description man!