Tuesday, February 02, 2010


When Anthony Bourdain visited the Philippines, he proclaimed that the best lechon he's ever tasted was here on the islands. He wasn't joking. I've had lechon here and in the states and it's been soo tasty. We ordered a 5 kilo lechon from Jun & Jun's Cebu Lechon. It's the best I've ever had!!

We took the food up to my uncle's place in the San Mateo Mountains to eat in his gorgeous grounds. He landscaped the entire property, which was merely dirt hills. It's incredible. More pictures of his landscaping here.

The Feast!
The Pairing
Riesling and Shiraz

Cebuano Lechon
Cebu-style lechon is cooked with delicious aromatics which are stuff inside its body while it cooks. The skin on this particular lechon was so thin and crispy - it was really like a light, flaky cracker. And, the meat was so succulent and meaty. Mmm!

The Sauce
A citrus soy sauce with chilis

Pickled Radish & Carrots, and Pickled Bittermelon

Pancit Palabok
From Via Mare. A good source for this type of pancit.

Also from Via Mare. With cheese and egg. Topped with coconut shreds. Delicious!

The Leftovers
Paksiw na Lechon
Just like a roast turkey, a lechon produces some great leftover dishes. "Paksiw" is a dish that has vinegar in it. This dish stews vinegar, lechon sauce, and the leftover pieces of lechon. It's soo good over rice.

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