Friday, June 11, 2010

Hokkaido Rice Pizza

Another trip to my favorite food city - Hong Kong! We hit up our usual spots (Ye Shanghai, Sen-ryo, Ippei-an, and Honeymoon Dessert). Then we expanded our stomachs to try several new places, too. All in one weekend. (Weeks later, and I'm still trying to lose the weight from SF and HK...)

Last trip, we came across this fun looking restaurant, Hokkaido Rice Pizza, in Causeway Bay. This trip, we went to Causeway Bay just to try it out. It's a fun concept of pizza toppings on rice instead of dough. The menu is also filled with pastas, desserts, and drinks. Overall it was nice to try it out, but I'm not so sure if I'll be a repeat customer. Hong Kong is filled with great eats. If a place doesn't give me that wow-factor, I'll be less likely to go back for a second visit.

Iced Matcha
Iced green tea with milk. Yum! A full milky, green tea taste that's not too sweet.

Curry Seafood Rice Pizza
A slight Japanese curry taste. Pretty tasty, but it didn't "wow" me. The concept definitely overshadowed the execution.

Hokkaido Milk with Egg White
A dessert that wasn't too sweet and a bit on the bland side.

Matcha Parfait
Green Tea Parfait. Tasty green tea ice cream!

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