Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Two Restaurants for One Meal

The last meal before we leave Hong Kong. We've stayed at the W Hotel in our last few trips to HK. It is located in the Elements center in Kowloon, where there are the MRT station and the Airport Express stop (where you can check in your bags instead of waiting to get to the airport). The center also houses boutique shopping and some fantastic restaurants. So for our last hour in town, we decided to stay in Elements for lunch. For one meal, we went to two restaurants - Xia Mian Guan for noodles and Sen-ryo for sushi. Appetizer then the main course or the main course then dessert. I'll choose the latter because sushi is always as good as dessert for me.

Xia Mian Guan
In past trips, we passed by this place every time and even watched how they made fresh noodles. But, this was our first time trying it out. What a great noodle place! Soup noodles, dry noodles, and even dim sum. All that we tried was delicious!

Hot Soy Milk
Slightly sweetened. A great pairing with dim sum. And healthy, too!

Steamed Pork Dumpling
With Crab Meat and Roe. Nice thin wrapper and a tasty inside. We found another good restaurant with some great dumplings.

Shanghainese Sticky Rice Dumpling
Another delicious dim sum order. Thin wrapper and perfectly cooked sticky rice.

Stir Fried Shanghai Noodle
With Dried Shrimp and Spring Onion. Super fresh hand made noodles! We also got an order of Noodle Soup in Chili Peanut Sauce, but I was too eager to devour it before realizing I forgot to take a picture. I also recommend that dish.

Fried Pork Liver in Brown Sauce

A generous order. Tasty, but I could only have a couple pieces because I wanted to focus my appetite on the noodles and for our next round.

I HAVE to visit this place at least once every time I go to HK. This trip I went twice, and my parents and brother went three times. They consistently serve fresh fish and a wide selection. I can't wait for my next visit to HK to go here again!

Toro (Tuna Belly)
One order of toro is about $7 USD. CHEAP (compared to U.S. prices). The grade of the toro is even otoro - the fattier and more expensive part of the tuna. (I only took this picture to show how much we love toro. We ate so much more than this - as always.)

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