Friday, June 18, 2010

Modernized Filipino Cuisine

I love it when restaurants properly sophisticate Filipino cuisine. When it is done well, Filipino food has great potential to be as mainstream as Thai and Vietnamese cuisines. In a second visit to Chef Laudico Bistro Filipino, the restaurant proved to be consistent. We even had the fortune of meeting the husband and wife chef team.

Prito Trio
Crispy Fish, Shrimps and Squid served with 3 Dipping sauces (Garlic Aoili, Pinakurat Soy Glaze and Crab Roe Cream. Definitely an appetizer to share. Tasty and full of bold seafood and acidic flavors!

Ubod Spring Roll
Crispy Lumpia Cone Filled with Chorizo, Prawns and Ubod topped with Spicy Vinegar Sorbet. Yum! Crispy on the outside and great full tastes inside. The vinegar sorbet provided great contrasts of acid and chill.

Milk Fish Souffle
Smoked Milk Fish and Keso de Bola Souffle in Whole Tomato served with Salad Greens in Paksiw Vinaigrette topped with Fried Bangus Belly. Delicate flavors of milk fish.

Trio of Soups
Prawn Sinigang Martini - Cold Prawn Sinigang Gelee poured with Hot Lemongrass Coconut Cream garnished with Seared Prawns
Paella Arroz Caldo - Saffron Rice Porridge garnished with Grilled Chicken, Squid and Chorizo
Shiitake Mushroom Cappuccino - Adobo Shiitake Mushroom Puree topped with Creamy Garlic foam drizzled with White Truffle Oil

US Angus Beef Kare-Kare
Slow Roasted US Beef Short Plate in Kare-Kare Sauce with Stuffed Banana Heart, Grilled Eggplant Chutney and Steamed Petchay. Tender beef and a tasty peanut sauce! I love the plating, too!

Binagoongan Crispy Pata
Boneless Crispy Pork with Creamy Bagoong Sauce served with Grilled Onions, Tomatoes and Asparagus with Garlic Turmeric Rice. My brother was still in town, so this was our continuation of ordering crispy pata. A solid plate of pig knuckles, but still not as good as Azuthai.

Halo Halo Napolean
Layers of Ube Tuille and Poached Native Fruits and Beans in Fresh Carabao Cream Sorbet. I love this twist on classic halo halo! The tuille layers and the carabao cream sorbet are delicious. I only wish that there were more native fruits and beans.

Deconstructed Sans Rival
Layers of Dayap Meringue and Pastry Crème on Chilled Mango Soup Splashed with Grand Marnier Orange Liqueur. The meringue was like a large, chewy French macaron. That was tasty, but the rest of the dessert was too sweet for my palate.


SOBowling said...

Wow! Looks good! I'd love to try his resto. Lau was my friend around college time and he was not even into cuisine then. His wife now, was his girlfriend then too! Glad to see his creations :D.

Angela said...

Thank you! It's so great to hear from someone that knew him in college! He was telling us a story about his first Superbowl experience, haha...His place is excellent! If you ever have the chance, it is a must try! :)