Friday, July 29, 2011

Truffle Degustation Dinner at Red

Every now and then, Red at Makati Shangri-La has special tasting menus for certain occasions or for certain ingredients.

Recently, Red had a special Truffle menu for a limited time. Degustation and a la carte truffle selections. For a little splurge, we tried the 8 course degustation menu. Each course had black truffles shaved on top of it. Some had truffles cooked into the dish. For the most part, the truffles worked really well with each of the dishes. They maintained an earthy taste, while not overpowering.

The entire meal had a total of 14 grams of black summer truffles. If we had this meal in the states, or almost anywhere not in the Philippines, it would have been well over $100 per person. Here, it was $85. $85 for 8 courses with truffles. Pretty good for all that you get.

Overall, the meal was enjoyable as it always has been. Whenever there are menu changes, it's nice going back to Red to see what else they can create.

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