Monday, August 01, 2011

Shabuway in Manila

Back in the Bay Area, one of my favorite local eats was Shabuway. When I moved to Manila last year, I found out they were opening a branch inside Greenbelt 5. A taste of home in my new home!

So how does it compare? In terms of atmosphere, it's definitely more modern because of the use of induction burners. Also, there is less bar space and more tables. The culture here caters to bigger parties.. and in general, I notice customers don't really eat at the bar. (I loove eating at the bar, so whenever I have to chance to do that anywhere I definitely prefer that seating. You get faster service from the bartenders and you get your drinks on the spot.) The one aspect that I miss from the Shabuway in Mountain View is the televisions along the wall showing ESPN highlights. Again, it's another cultural dining change to cater to the local customers.

As for the food, it definitely is consistent with the Shabuway in the Bay Area. Overtime, I hope they get more marbled Kobe style cuts. And, I hope they get their liquor license so I can enjoy the meal with beer and sake.

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aleeshespieces said...

we should go to shabuway in mountain view when you are here!