Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A La Carte Dining at Circles Event Cafe

Now that I'm back home in Manila, I've been in the mood to visit restaurants that are old favorites, and to discover new favorites. For this week's Monday, Wednesday, Friday entries, I'm revisiting a few restaurants from the Makati Shangri-la Hotel. Every time I'm in town, I frequent the restaurants in the Shangri-la because of their proximity and because they use quality ingredients.

First up this week, Circles Event Cafe. This is the international buffet for the hotel. They also have themes for certain nights. Wednesday nights are Filipino Nights, with a great Filipino spread and some cultural music and dance.

Coming from the U.S., we always face some jetlag for the first few to several days. That also means our eating times are all messed up. So a hotel cafe is a great place to enjoy all day dining. Instead of indulging in the buffet, we ordered a la carte off the menu.

The menu items can be hit and miss. We learn from the "misses" like the pizza and avoid them on our next visits. It's the "hits" like the pancit, and the hotel atmosphere, that encourage us to keep coming back.

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