Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More from Makati Shangri-La: Inagiku

These days, when I crave for Asian food my stomach is either thinking about Japanese or Thai cuisine. Lately I've been really craving sushi and sashimi. My body must be needing some refreshing omega-3s.

To enjoy some fresh, quality sushi, we returned to Makati Shangri-La. This time, we went to Inagiku.

It's not a place to expect value for your money. The prices are hotel high, and for some orders it kinda feels like they are charging even more than hotel high. The quality of the ingredients are excellent, though.

The one real downside about the restaurant is that the smell and oily feeling from teppanyaki frying station which spreads throughout the whole restaurant. You leave the place smelling like you ate Korean BBQ. When you want eat sushi, the environment is supposed to feel clean.. as clean and fresh as the sushi you are eating.

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