Monday, January 31, 2011

China Poblano - Chinese & Mexican Cuisine Fused Together by Chef Jose Andres

You know a restaurant is pretty amazing when it instantly becomes one of your favorite places halfway through the meal. That's exactly the experience I had at Chef Jose Andres's new restaurant in Las Vegas, China Poblano.

China Poblano mixes Chinese cuisine and Mexican cuisine. The restaurant is brightly decorated with both cultures. There is a dumpling/steaming side of the restaurant, and a taco side of the restaurant. The menu has both Chinese and Mexican items, and a fusion of selections..including some extremely awesome tacos. Plus, I had one of the coolest and one of the tastiest margaritas I've come across. The price can get pretty high if you order a lot like my family, but you have to keep in mind this is a hotel restaurant and by a celebrity chef.

Jose Andres has skyrocketed to be my number one favorite chef at the moment. His food is vibrant, delicious, and fun. And, he has trained his staff to be friendly and personable, much like his TV and Twitter personality.

Does anyone know if there is an application form to petition to be Jose Andres's BFF (Best Friend Forever)?? If you know, please please let me in the know! I would like to petition my parents, brothers, and myself to all be his BFFs.

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ZDA said...

I want everything here! =P (That's me licking my lips, not making a stupid face.)

joanh said...

i definitely want to try this place! :)

Angela said...

This is totally a must-try place! I hope Jose Andres continues to expand his empire.