Thursday, January 13, 2011

Soba Totto

Even though I've been living in Asia for the past year, I still found myself craving for so many Asian eats during my holiday trip in the states. I fulfilled my cravings for ramen, Korean, banh mi, and so on and so on. In New York, I fulfilled my craving for quality Japanese yakitori at Soba Totto.

This is considered a cheap eats place. But, the prices were pretty high for Japanese yakitori. It's also hard to eat at some Asian restaurants here in the states - they seem so over priced after eating all over Asia. I love how the most quality places in Asia are still cheaper than these cheap eats places in the states. And, if you order like my family, there's really no such thing as cheap eats. We eat a lot.

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joanh said...

definitely harder for me to eat overpriced asian food in the states since moving to asia. i just do mexican, salads and my favorite restaurants instead.

Angela said...

Totally! This last trip back to the states, it was so hard to pay for some of those places. It's amazing how the cheapest items here (like uni and pork belly) are the most expensive items in the states.