Monday, January 24, 2011

Burgers & Steaks at Peter Luger

When I hear about "the best steaks" and "the best burgers", Peter Luger is usually a name that is mentioned. I tend to be skeptical when I hear something is "the best." What else and how many else have you tried in order to claim something is truly the best over all?

Plus, when it comes to steaks, the grilling and trimmings my family makes at home is pretty awesome. I don't wanna say it's "the best" because I feel I'd have to travel around the entire world and eat at every steak house to make that claim. So, what I normally say is, "It's the best of what I've eaten so far." It really is. The quality of the steaks and our onion sauce. Oh, man, it's awesome.

Going back to the hype over Peter Luger..I've been very skeptical for years. Skeptical and curious. So on our afternoon trip into Brooklyn, my family and I made a point to have lunch at Peter Luger. We made sure it was a lunch so we could also try their raved about burgers (which is a lunch time only item).

The hype over "the best steaks" and "The best burgers"? I don't want to say it's the best, but I will say it's really good. You can really taste the quality of the burger. The meat is freshly ground, and not overly ground. The char is crusted and delicious. Quality meat, well prepared, and well cooked. The steaks come out in a plate of sizzling butter. It's cooked perfectly medium and so nicely grilled. The taste of the meat itself is also really quality.

After our lunch, we watched how the women butchers of Peter Luger handpicked each of the meats. Seeing how they are so choosy about their steaks made me further appreciate the meat I just ate.

A note on service: You definitely feel like you're in Brooklyn when you dine there. The waiters all proudly hail from Brooklyn. They have that Brooklyn accent and that old-time Brooklyn demeanor. In one instance, my dad called the waiter to ask for something, and our waiter came to our table asking, "What do you want?!" Definitely won't get that kind of service in a steakhouse in Midtown.

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