Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Italy is Eataly!

The most anticipated destination for our family trip to New York City was Eataly. Established by Mario Batali, Lidia Bastianich, Joe Bastianich, and Oscar Farinetti. These Italian-loving geniuses creating one of the coolest food markets! It's a market for fresh ingredients (fruits, vegetables, seafood, meats), for fun Italian goodies (homemade nutella!), for a snack (some salumi and wine in the afternoon - why not!), for a variety of meals (pizzas, pastas, seafood, vegetables), for drinking (beers, wines, espressos), for desserts (gelato and panetonne!), and so much more.

This place was like our Disneyland, our "happiest place on earth". In the course of a week, we visited Eataly four times to shop and to eat. I highly highly recommend this place if you love food, especially Italian food!

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aleeshespieces said...

This was one of the places we wanted to go to on our last trip to NY but didn't make it. Another reason to go back :)

Angela said...

Yes! You have to go back - even if it's just for the pistacchio gelato. It's so worth it.

guam foodie said...

if there was a zombie apocalypse i would make me way here. (aka heaven in a building!)

Angela said...

It's totally heaven in a building! We have so much to eat when we're both back in NYC this summer!