Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Jaleo - Tapas by Chef Jose Andres

To further my fangirl status for Chef Jose Andres, my family and I went to Chef Andres's other Las Vegas restaurant, Jaleo. Jaleo is also located in the new Cosmopolitan Hotel. It has traditional Spanish tapas with Chef Andres's touch.

The design of the restaurant is open and inviting. We were so fortunate to get the coolest table in the house - the foosball dining table! As soon as we were seated, we were given the ball to play throughout our meal. (Read more about the table in the pictures below.)

The food is delicious, inspiring, and awesome. Andres manages to retain the essence of traditional Spanish tapas while integrating his playfulness. The tapas become even tastier than the traditional ones because of how he can enhance flavors and textures and use excellent ingredients. Plus, his presentation of tapas makes you want to order more and more plates to see how they'll come out. Unfortunately, our one disappointment was the presentation of the paella (simply on a plate). The next time I'm back in Vegas, I need to go back to see if they'll improve on that. Plus, it's a great excuse to eat more of his food.

His playful personality really comes out in his food. What a cool, fun, chef! Really, let's be BFFs, Chef!

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