Friday, February 18, 2011

Dining at the W in Hong Kong

What I love about staying at nice hotels is that, more often than not, the hotel restaurants are really good. In our latest stay in the W Hotel in Hong Kong, their newest restaurant opened. Sing Yin serves traditional Cantonese cuisine in a contemporary atmosphere. The prices are definitely hotel prices, so it will likely attract more tourists and expats than locals. The food, though, is authentic and quality. They served one excellent and generous plate of roast goose! A memorable plate like that makes me tempted to go back again another time.

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joanh said...

the W in HK is nice. i didn't eat at their chinese restaurant, but their western one. lots to eat at the Elements mall adjacent to the W

Angela said...

I love Elements mall! Great shopping and good eats :)

Bette said...

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