Wednesday, February 09, 2011

First Meal in Hong Kong - Lunch, Part 2

Lunch, Part 2! Right across the walkway (less than 10 steps away) is my favorite sushi place in all the cities I've been to, that aren't in Japan. Sen-ryo is a casual but high quality sushi restaurant. It serves most of the sushi and sashimi via a conveyor belt, but you can still order any of the items and more from the menu. In the states, most sushi boat places are of mediocre quality. They are just for cheap eats to fill your stomach. Here in Hong Kong, that's completely not the case!

Compared to sushi prices (for the same quality of sushi) in the states, this place is a cheap eats sushi place. You can get a pair of premium toro sushi (that cut of awesome tuna belly) for less than $7 USD. The same goes for a pair of fresh, plump uni sushi. I can eat here all day.

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