Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hot Pot in Hong Kong!

I love the change of seasons. The weather changes, the scenery changes.. and the food changes! Seasonal ingredients and seasonal meals.

When the weather gets colder in Hong Kong, people bulk up in their jackets and coats, and they head in groups to enjoy some hot pot. Growing up, I've been more accustomed to Japanese Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki. To experience hot pot in Hong Kong is such a treat!

My best friend, who is a great guide for local eating, took me to a local place in Wan Chai called Tack Hsin (the site is all in Chinese. This review is pretty good if you want to see an English write up).

What I loved about this style of hot pot is that you get to choose your base broth. When the broth comes out in the middle of the table, it's already so delicious. This is a list of broths offered.

I hope the weather is still cold the next time I'm in Hong Kong! I can't wait to discover more local eats!

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