Sunday, September 05, 2010

Slow-Cooked Ribs at Home!

My mom can seriously have a whole recipe book of signature dishes. It took me about 19, 20 years to figure out how to lose weight while still enjoying her cooking and baking (it's really about moderation and staying active). Even if she has perfected a recipe, she always looks to improve it.

Her ribs are one of my favorites - they are slowly baked in a kind of sweet soy sauce. After making some Bo Ssam at home and watching a food show about slow cooked pork in a claypot, she tried out a new technique for her ribs recipe. Instead of baking it, she slowly braised it in a pot. It came out even more succulent and tender! Plus, the cut of kurobuta short ribs was really the way to go. The better the quality of meat, the better tasting the end product (well, only if you have good cooks).

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joanh said...

yeah! can you put out a cookbook with your mom? or just a private copy for friends.. :)

Angela said...

She's actually working on her baking book right now! And she definitely has enough recipes for a cookbook to follow. :)