Sunday, October 25, 2009

More Ramen & Chicken

Before hopping on the Bart in Fremont to get to the Warriors game, my friend and I tried this ramen place that hails from Japan. Overall, this is a repeatable place and we really enjoyed the food.

Ajisen Noodle, Fremont
The Inside

Homemade Tender Ribs Noodle
This is a small order, and it was so generous. The pork is delicious! It was fatty enough, but not overly fatty. The braised taste was infused throughout the tender pieces. The noodle and the broth weren't as impressive. The noodle was on the thin side, while the broth was a bit salty.

Nagoya Tebakara Karaage
Japanese Fried Chicken coated with a sweet and spicy seasoning. Delicious!

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