Thursday, October 08, 2009

Disneyland Weekend!

I went to Disneyland this past weekend to celebrate one of my friend’s Quarter Century.  It was the best weekend!  And, of course, we had some memorable meals.

Portillos, Buena Park
Located about 10 minutes (without LA traffic) away from Disneyland.  I rarely have fast food these days, but this is one of those places where I can justify a splurge since it’s something I have about once a year.
portillos inside

Beef & Cheddar Croissant
This is one of their signature sandwiches.  Italian beef with cheddar cheese and pickled jalapenos in a croissant.  Tasty!
portillos croissant
Italian Sausage
With Sweet Peppers in a French Roll.  I love that the roll was light and crispy.  Another great sandwich!
portillos sausage
Unfortunately, my pictures of the Cheese Fries and Onions Rings didn’t come out.  If you come here, you have to get those.  If you choose one, get the Cheese Fries!

Disneyland, Anaheim
I try not to eat too much while at the park because of the prices and because it’s not entirely healthy.  There are some must-eats at the park, though.

This is at the same stand as the Turkey Legs (near the Small World ride).  If you’re starving, go for the Turkey Legs.  Otherwise, this Chimichanga  was pretty awesome.  Crispy and flaky on the outside, and goodness on the inside.
disney chimicunga
Dole Whip Float
While it’s hot out and you need a drink to cool down, this is an absolute must.  It’s around the corner from the Indiana Jones ride.

Steakhouse 55, Anaheim
The birthday dinner!  25 at 55!  This place is located in the Disneyland Hotel.  The dress code says casual, but the interior is nicely corrected.  It felt weird being park-casual here.  Nonetheless, it was a fun meal.  I ordered the Prix Fixe Menu.

The Menu 
steakhouse 55 menu
The Inside
steakhouse 55 inside
The Wine Pairing
For a refreshing start and to pair with my salad, first ordered a 2005 Riesling from the Mosel region.  Mosel’s have yet to fail me.
steakhouse 55 wine
To pair with my steak, I ordered a 2006 Tempranillo.  It was okay.  It tasted really young, and it still needed plenty of time to air out.
steakhouse 55 red wine
Caesar Salad
With Croutons, Parmesan Crisps, and an Olive Tapenade.  Fresh and crispy romaine with a nice mild coat of dressing.  It was great to have a salad after the previous night’s dinner.
steakhouse 55 salad
Petite New York Steak
5 oz. NY Steak with garlic mashed potatoes.  I ordered it Medium Rare, and as I expected, it came out medium.  It was a pretty good cut of steak, but it didn’t entirely impress me.  The potatoes were delicious and smooth, though.
steakouse 55 steak
Fig Tart
This was pretty good, but it felt overwhelming.  The fresh figs were nice, but the crust was a bit too thick.  But it was nice to have fruits to end the meat.
steakhouse 55 tart

The Original Pancake House, Anaheim
For breakfast we went to grab some breakfast.  This place was pretty cool and I’m interested in trying out it’s Bay Area locations.
pancake house menu
Dutch Baby
It’s basically a mini German pancake.  Or, like a flattened popover.  In any case, this was the first time I ordered this at a restaurant.  I’ve only eaten my brother’s version.  I still prefer my brother’s.  This wasn’t as crispy on the edges.  It was still tasty, though, especially topped with lemon and powdered sugar.
pancake house dutch baby
Corned Beef Hash
I got this as a side order.  This was a pretty good plate!  Nicely cooked and mashed up with the potatoes.  It was a good take on corned beef hash.  pancake house corned beef hash

Overall, the weekend was a successful foodie adventure with Portillos, Dole Whip Floats, Steak, and Breakfast!!

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