Sunday, October 25, 2009

More Burger Bar!

I love Burger Bar, and I'm planning to eat there as often as I can.

The Beer
Unibroue, Blanche de Chambly, Canada
This was a refreshing wheat beer that had a nice citrus finish. Ay.

Salmon Burger
This was delicious! It was cooked perfectly medium -- still a bit raw inside, just how I like it. This was like eating the freshest cut of a pan-seared salmon. Hubert Keller really knows how to cook his salmon! To keep with the healthiness of the protein, I ordered a wheat bun and aioli sauce. The aioli was nice and garlicky. I also added a side of Zucchini Fries. It's been consistently tasty.

Cheese Cake Burger
The taste and lightness of the cheesecake is delicious. The donut is a bit bigger than in Las Vegas. Overall I still prefer Las Vegas's version. What made this particularly dish stand out was the decorative whipped cream - the shape of a mouse! It's just like the mouse that Chef prepared in the Top Chef Masters episode where he made the winning dessert for the Girl Scouts.

Beer Float Paddle
We were the first ones in the San Francisco establishment to order this! Chef Hubert helped assemble the floats and the paddle. Our table watched the whole process. This is an order that you have to share. It's so delicious, but so heavy, especially after a hearty burger.

At the end of the meal, we had another chance to talk and take pictures with Chef. Throughout the meal, I noticed that he was very busy between the milkshake bar and the kitchen. However, whenever customers approached him, he warmly talked to them with a big smile. What a stand up guy!

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