Thursday, October 22, 2009


This is one of my favorite Filipino pasalubongs (homecoming gifts from the Philippines).  It’s from Pampanga, where they grow and harvest the rice.  Because of it’s limited production, it’s pricey.  After eating a bowl, it’s so worth it.  It’s freezable, so it can last a long time.

Here is it straight from the freezer with a little bit of sugar.  Look at that golden color!duman
Pour some boiling milk in the bowl, stir, and you’re set!  Mmm…time for another bowl…
duman with milk


SOBowling said...

Ja, it's 1:30 am when I read your post... Looking at the pics makes me salivate! Too much!!!

Angela said...

Haha, thanks! I guess that meant 2 bowls of duman this morning? haha