Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Steaks at Cru

I love eating healthy. I love eating all my daily requirement of fruits and vegetables.

But every now and then, I NEED a good cut of grilled steak. High quality, marbled beef grilled to that perfect bright medium.

When it comes to steak, I'm a tough critic. My dad makes it every steak night memorable. So when I eat that well at home, I expect a high quality restaurant to make it just as good or even better. As a result, great steakhouses are hard to find.

But, it's always worth the effort trying to find out if and where these great steakhouses exist.

After disagreeing with fans of The Fireplace at the Hyatt Manila, I tried the next big craze, Cru at the Marriott Manila.

Disappointed again! For a place posing as a five-star steakhouse, the service does not match. The steaks are good, but not for what you pay for and for all that hype. However, if the service improved to the level of fine dining quality, I would have come out with a better experience and probably would recommend this place. Sadly, that is not the case now.

Fine dining, special occasion restaurants, or destination dining (however you choose to call it) is about that whole experience: food, atmosphere, AND service. If one lacks, it all falls apart.

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