Friday, March 02, 2012

Hainanese Chicken Rice in Manila

When I write, "Singaporean cuisine," what dish comes to mind? One common answer is sure to be Hainanese Chicken Rice. If the chicken is cooked right, it is the most succulent poultry you can ever savor.

Wee Nam Kee brings flocks of their succulent birds over to Manila. The selections range from deliciously repeatable to a bit disappointing in taste and execution.

The disappointing selections tend to be everything but the Hainanese Chickens. I found the foods to be a bit too overcooked, dull, and oily.

But it is the chicken that keeps bringing me back. The chicken comes with chicken soup, and make sure to order the chicken rice. A complete, satisfying meal. This may not be the highest quality, but it's far better than other Hainanese Chickens you can find around Manila.

The Roasted Hainanese Chicken holds a great roasted taste, while retaining the tenderness. And the star, the Hainanese Chicken, is consistently tender, succulent, and juicy. I could eat a chicken prepared like this everyday.

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