Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hong Kong Favorites

Back in Hong Kong and back to my favorite eats!

There are so many fantastic restaurants in Hong Kong, and yet I love repeating some of these favorites every time I go back. We spread out our Hong Kong trips so that we start to crave for these memorables bites. Paper-thin Peking duck, dim sum, local dessert, noodles, Japanese cuisine...All this talking about it has me craving for it now. I have to go back to Hong Kong soon!

Ye Shanghai
Xiao Long Bao - Not as thin as Din Tai Fung in Taipei and Shanghai, but a true contender. Great pork filling, flavorful soup, and a thin-enough wrapper.
Peking Duck - Literally paper thin. It's like biting into a thin waker cracker that's actually duck skin. Amazing.
Dong Po - Personal-size, perhaps bite-size. Pork belly braised in sweet soy sauce and wine and topped with a fluffy little steamed bun.

Hip Katsu
Pork Katsu - Flaky, crusty, crispy pork katsu. The pork itself is tender and succulent. A great option for katsu in Hong Kong.
Oyster Katsu - I love oysters. I love katsu when it's done well. Oyster Katsu here is a must order. Flaky, crusty, crispiness around a plump, juicy oyster. That's memorable eating.

Honeymoon Desserts
Perfect anytime of the year. Hot dessert soups warm you up and comfort your stomach. Cold dessert soups cool you down and refresh your palate after a hearty meal. There are so many choices for any mood.

If you can't see the slide show, check out my Flickr album: HK Repeats

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