Thursday, March 08, 2012

Better Steaks at Mamou

I really do love a great steak. I've been disappointed with the restaurants with "best steaks" according to bloggers and steak fans in Manila. Despite the disappointment, I had to try it again. I followed the hype. This time it wouldn't be about the fancy atmosphere. Let's just have a great steak, please?

Mamou - reputedly emulates the Peter Luger steak experience with the charred Porterhouse or T-Bone topped with melted butter and on a hot, hot plate. I've eaten at Peter Luger and its significant other, Wolfgang, in New York. Wolfgang is my standard for a great steakhouse all about the steak.

Does Mamou resemble these legendary New York establishments? It does a decent job.

The sides could use some work, but if you just focus on the steaks, I was happy. Medium, nicely charred, pretty well-marbled. I'd recommend this place to steak fans looking to eat out in Manila. The place is casual and gets crowded. Bring a good bottle of Cab, and that's going to be a pretty good night of eating.

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