Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Spanish Tapas in the Bay Area

One of my all-time favorite cuisines is still Spanish food. I love the tapas, the family style dishes, and all the desserts. My favorite restaurant in the Bay Area is a Spanish/Basque tapas restaurant - Bocadillos in San Francisco.

Further down in the Peninsula, Spanish and Latin tapas places have been pretty successful with their authenticity and modernization of tapas. Cascal's in Mountain View is a fun place to eat, especially when it's warm sunny day to eat outside. A couple years ago, I tried a new tapas place in Palo Alto, Joya. Now, a couple years later I went back to try it again.

It's still a fun, vibrant restaurant. It's a great place to dine with a group and enjoy some drinks. When I first went a couple years ago, I was really impressed with their Sangrias. This time around, we enjoyed their wine list - a great selection. As for the food, it's still enjoyable. It doesn't come close to Bocadillos for me, but it's still a fun tapas place to enjoy a meal of food and wine pairing.

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aleeshespieces said...

I agree with this post! MAV and I just ate at Cascal a few days ago. Still just as fun as I remember. Joya is also another work favorite, but yes, they def do not compare with Bocadillos! I need to go back soon :)

Angela said...

Cascal and Joya are great for sunny days and sangrias :)

Next time I'm in town, let's go back to Bocadillos! But maybe not Bubble Lounge after, haha.