Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A 2 hour drive to Boston, just for Sticky Buns.

Since we were in Connecticut for over two weeks, my family and I would always discuss options for day trips to neighboring cities and states. Manhattan was obviously on the top of our list (and I'll feature my NYC eats next week). We also discussed an overnight or a day trip to Boston. We toured the east coast years ago when one of my brothers visited the east coast Ivy League colleges. The most I remembered about Boston was just of its neighboring town, Cambridge.

So now was a great chance to re-tour the city. Boston is beautiful! It's full of history and culture. And it's clean. The whole time I was comparing it to San Francisco. It's like a clean San Francisco. Many areas reminded me of the SoMa and Embarcadero districts. Plus, the architecture is inspiring. For America, it's definitely a proud city to have as one of it's founding roots.

Here are some pictures of the buildings. Most of them I took in the car, so if it appears grainy and spotty that's actually the bugs our window picked up from the 2 hour drive from Connecticut.
The slide show here runs on Flash. If you can't see it, check out my Flickr album.

When we made the last minute decision (as in 10 minutes before we got into the car) to drive from New Haven to Boston for a day trip, we only had one destination in mind.

Flour Bakery. The claim to its fame - Bobby Flay's Throwdown featuring Sticky Buns. We read that we could call ahead to reserve, as they typically sell out fast. So without even trying their sticky buns, we ordered 18 buns.

I wish we ordered more. I can still imagine the taste of the dark gooey caramel soaking on top of the bun. It's worth totally worth the drive.

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