Monday, June 20, 2011

Bobby's Burger Palace

Since it was a nice spring day in Connecticut, my family drove from Lobster Landing for part two of our food adventure. Near the Rhode Island border, we arrived at the Mohegan Sun Casino. A casino in the midst of the beauty of nature.

We don't really gamble.. so why did we go all this way? To eat! Mohegan Sun houses Bobby's Burger Palace. By Chef Bobby Flay.

This particular U.S. trip had a theme of completing a cross-country taste of Bobby Flay's and Todd English's restaurants in Las Vegas, New York, and New England. (More on Todd English's place at the end of this week).

After watching America's Next Great Restaurant, I built some expectations for Chef Flay's fast casual dining experience. Overall, I was pretty let down. First of all, you pay celebrity chef/casino prices for a meal a step up from fast food. Secondly, the food itself was decent for fast casual, but mediocre for a celebrity chef. Maybe if it wasn't a celebrity chef I wouldn't be as disappointed. Thirdly, the service wasn't friendly at all. I understand that at many fast casual places you don't except service, but since they were servers bringing your orders they should be friendly - it reflects to the top, and in this case the top is Bobby Flay who seems like a fun, friendly guy on TV.

It was a good experience to find out what Bobby's Burger Palace was like, but now that I've tried it I'd rather drive the opposite direction into New York for some Shake Shack.

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