Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mexican Night In

When you spend significant time, and/or your formative years, in California you develop an enjoyment for Mexican food. For most of 2009, I was on a quest in the Bay Area to find my favorite burrito. So far, that award goes to Sancho's Taqueria, which also has my favorite Fish Tacos.

Since I've been here in Asia, I have had several cravings for quality Mexican food. I have yet to find a place here that creates an authentic taste. So what can I do about? Make it at home! We had some Snake River steaks in the freezer, so I made Fajitas for dinner. Fajitas aren't authentically Mexican; it's actually a Tex-Mex cuisine. But it still hits the spot and fulfills that craving, especially when paired with a strong Margarita, or two or three...

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guam foodie said...

dalandan margaritas that's genius! haha

another margarita tip to give it a little bit of asian flare: add li hing powder (have only tried it with blended margaritas)

Angela said...

I'll look for that powder - thanks!