Thursday, August 12, 2010

Korean Food!

The Hong Kong Airport has so many food choices, all of which are decently priced, too. It's one airport that I wouldn't mind being stranded at if my flight was delayed. After arriving from my most recent trip, my best friend, Alvin, and I decided to eat at Sorabol for dinner before heading to his place.

The location of my college and post college years in Santa Clara introduced me to some pretty good Korean places - whether it was barbeque, fried chicken, etc. I was exposed to the South Bay's local eats for a solid 7 years. So, I was happy to eat at Sorabol to fulfill my Korean food craving. I usually wait until I'm back in the Bay Area because Manila's Korean restaurants all look pretty run down.

For it's price, the quality is pretty good. It's authentic Korean food with all the sides and sauces. I love cuisines that balance the meal with lots of fresh vegetables.

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joanh said...

i think the HK airport is definitely one of the better airport food places I've had too.. i mean, where else can you get roast suckling pig and cha siu? :)