Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Din Tai Fung - The Original Location

For my first trip to Taipei, I knew I had to visit Din Tai Fung. I first tried the restaurant in Shanghai - it was some of the best xiao long bao that I've encountered. Taipei houses the original location. So, a visit here was a must!

The xiao long bao were even better than in Shanghai! Delicately thin wrapper, a delicious pork flavored soup inside, and a succulent pork filling. This applies to everything: After eating some of the best, it is so hard to eat something that is just average - I'd rather not waste my calorie intake. My mark for good xiao long bao now stands with Taipei's Din Tai Fung.

Here are pictures from our memorable meal. Place your cursor on "Notes" to read more about each picture.
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guam foodie said...

i dream of these now haha

Angela said...

I don't think I can't do a search out here (like what we did for gyros) because I'll just be disappointed with thick wrappers and bland tasting soup and pork.