Saturday, August 21, 2010

Osmanthus Wine in Xing Ping

Along our walk through Xing Ping, we passed by an osmanthus wine factory, where they produced and sold local osmanthus wine. Osmanthus trees and flowers bloom in the fall in this area, when I heard is a beautiful time of the year to visit. Aside from tea flowers and in desserts, the osmanthus flowers are also used to produced wine.

It's a sweet wine, as sweet as a dessert wine but not as thick and heavy. This particular batch that we tasted was so smooth, light, and refreshing! We promised the ladies of the factory and ourselves that we would stop by before they closed. Unfortunately, we got there just after it closed! We bought a few cheaper bottles in the market across the street - it was just not the same. It was rough and cheap tasting. Next time I encounter a variety of osmanthus wine, I'll definitely invest in a quality bottle.

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