Monday, August 02, 2010

A Weekend in Taipei

My first visit to Taipei! I had high expectations for this city and its eats! My parents and I spent the weekend there and had an incredible time! We're so excited to go back very soon to discover more of the city! My brother's best friend and his wife were our virtual tour guides, as they were unfortunately out of town that weekend (next time, guys!!). We visited some quality shopping malls with food centers and stayed at a beautiful hotel - all thanks to their recommendations.

Here is a brief slideshow of a few of the places we visited. When we go back to Taipei, I'll make sure to take more pictures for next time! (Place your cursor above "Notes" to read more about each picture.
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Here is another slideshow with pictures of our hotel. We stayed at the brand new Palais de Chine, which opened in May 2010. What a beautiful hotel! And, their service was excellent!!
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☺lani☺ said...

Glad you like the place! People who's not been here think it's just like some places in China, that it's dirty and so on... that's the reason I called this place my second home - all the conveniences are here! Have a great week!

Angela said...

I love the place! I can't wait to go back to discover more of the city. What a great place for you to call it a second home :)