Saturday, August 07, 2010

Desserts and Fruits in Taipei

While planning this trip, I knew I had to try Taiwan's Shaved Ice. Jeff and Joan recommended a place for Mango Ice (Yong Kang 15, formerly Ice Monster). The serving size was huge, but it was so delicious, light and refreshing that we could have had one each! This is such an ideal dessert for a hot and humid climate.

When I go on trips, I try to make an effort to keep up my healthy lifestyle - drinking enough water each day and having a good amount of fruits and vegetables. To satisfy our fruit intake, we usually stop by a local market or grocery for some local fruit. The selections were so clean and huge! It is so refreshing to see fresh and healthy looking fruits, especially coming from Manila.

Here are a few pictures. Remember, place your cursor above "Notes" to read more about each picture.
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